Customised Learning

Every student has specific learning needs, whether seeking to excel, keep up or catch up. Our tutors are qualified teachers and experts in their field. They are more than subject experts; they know how to teach and take learning to a new level. When your child has very specific learning needs which no one else seems able to satisfy, Teaching Edge tutors can offer highly specialised support in the below areas.

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Reading Support

For young readers struggling to grasp the basic skills of reading. Catering for Dyslexia, ASD, ADHD and other learning needs.

English/Literacy Support

For students of any age with specific needs.

Maths/Numeracy Support

For students of any age with specific needs.

EAL - English as an Additional Language

Specialised support for students learning to speak and write in English.

Other Aust. Curriculum Learning Areas

To address student's specific needs and outcomes.

Preparing for Any Type of Tests

To address student's specific learning styles and outcomes.

Teaching Edge’s one-to-one tutoring ensures a richness of learning that is hard to match in school settings.