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See answers to some FAQ's below, if you need more clarificaton about something, please be in touch!

Our tutoring is for everyone. Teaching Edge offers personalised teaching support for any student who can do better at school, whether struggling in studies or excelling. Specific examples could include students who:

  • are in struggling in their early formative years of acquiring basic reading and writing skills
  • struggle in basic Maths/Numeracy or English/Literacy and other areas of learning
  • excel in Maths or English and seek to keep soaring
  • have missed school due to illness, travel, or other extenuating circumstances
  • have specific learning disabilities
  • are studying for exams
  • are applying for a scholarship
  • are new to Australia
  • speak a first language other than English
  • need additional support while being home-schooled
  • are living overseas and wish to maintain an Australian standard of education
  • are returning to study as adults, after a long break
  • simply wish to accelerate their learning

We source our team of professional tutors from all over Australia and ensure they meet our rigorous, professional standards in both teaching and online tutoring. The online environment provides enormous flexibility when matching tutors to students – rather than being restricted by geographical proximity. Tutors and students build a unique type of rapport online.

Our live, interactive, online learning:

  • offers the convenience of nil travel time and expense
  • enables parents to monitor sessions in real time
  • opportunity to record sessions which can be downloaded and viewed

All children have unique talents and gifts, and their school results improve when skilled teachers tap into them to generate new learning.

We all learn best when what we learn is connected to what we already know. Great educational experiences are also engaging, fun and challenging. Teaching Edge customises learning for each student – instead of off-the-shelf, ‘one-size-fits-all’ programs. Our tutors build strong relationships with our students, professionally ascertain their current skills and understanding, and then tailor the individualised learning for them to flourish.

We offer:

  • clear communication with parents/adult students
  • close matching of students with professional tutors
  • tailored tutoring, building from what students already know
  • regular reporting and feedback to parents on student progress
  • flexible scheduling, even at short notice
  • value for money
  • easy booking and payment system
  • 1-to-1 and small groups

We believe the best tutors are not just qualified in an area of expertise, such as Maths or English. We also believe they should be great teachers. A tutor with a deep understanding of Mathematics also needs to be a capable teacher of Mathematics.

All of our personal teachers are registered as Australian teachers. This means they are qualified in their area of expertise and are also qualified to teach. It also means they have a clearance to work with children and/or vulnerable people.

In addition, our rigorous selection procedure ensures our personal teachers are warm and personable, skilled in the online environment, and are committed to providing our students the highest standard of personal service.

The key factors in making this decision are:

  • budget - small groups are more economical in cost than 1-to-1 tutoring
  • learning needs - some subjects (eg, EAL) lend themselves to group learning more than 1-to-1 tutoring. Similarly, your child's personality and confidence can be key as well. Our professional staff can advise you on what's best for your child.

All our sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

Clicking on any of the buttons inviting you to book or get started or to make a tutoring enquiry takes you directly to a form.

Once you fill it out, we'll find your best tutoring solution, present this to you and you can choose to proceed by completing the simple payment instructions. We will then contact you directly to finalise scheduling details with you.

All bookings must be paid for in full before a tutoring session can go ahead.

It's important to give your tutor as much advance notice as possible if you find you will be late. Where possible, 1-to-1 sessions will be rescheduled when mutually convenient. Group sessions cannot be rescheduled.

Tutors will give you as much notice as possible if they can't make the session. This will only be for exceptional reasons and sessions will be rescheduled when mutually convenient.

A feature of our sessions is regular feedback provided to parents, as well as an opportunity in the last few minutes of each session for parents to be briefed on what they can do to support their child's learning between sessions.

The fees quoted for the service you purchase are all-inclusive.

We combine the information we receive on the enrolment form you complete, with additional information gleaned from the direct contact between you and our professional staff.

We encourage clients to contact us directly about breakthroughs in learning, their level of satisfaction and any concerns. We will respond to all such contact to ensure you receive the best service possible.

We encourage clients to let us know of areas they would like us to expand our services into.

Random sessions are recorded for quality control purposes, in line with our Privacy Policy. Where all parties involved agree, a recording can be made available to a parent, also under the conditions of our Privacy Policy.

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