Other Australian Curriculum Learning Areas

Teaching Edge has skilled teachers, qualified to tutor across all Australian Curriculum learning areas.

Our specialised tuition takes students’ understanding and skills in any Australian Curriculum subject to new, breakthrough levels, regardless of ability level or grade. Please select the subject/s you are interested in when you complete your Tutoring Enquiry form so we can be prepared when we get in contact with you.

The following core areas can be selected when completing details about your tutoring needs via any of our ‘tutoring enquiry’ ‘get started’ or ‘Start Here’ buttons throughout the website:

  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Economics and Business
  • Music
  • Media Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Technologies
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages

Specific focuses within these learning areas will be determined between you and your child’s tutor.

Who is it for?

Students of all ability levels from early childhood to Year 12. Struggling, cruising or gifted students will all stride ahead with personalised tutoring.

Key benefits

  • Highly engaging and nurturing teaching approaches that build confidence, motivation and accelerate progress
  • Strategic preparation for specific attainment goals
  • Satisfying – especially for those students who just want to be extended.
  • Builds confidence and motivation for students who are struggling, reluctant or those just ‘cruising’ along.
  • Continuous feedback and tracking of progress. Includes a concise report after each session on your child’s progress.
  • Incorporates being guided through simulated tests to know what to expect and how to respond

Key Features

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