Other Tutoring Topics

Teaching Edge has skilled teachers, qualified to tutor across a wide range of topics to boost overall performance at school.

You can request any topic that you need help with.  Request a topic when completing details about your tutoring needs on your Tutoring Enquiry form so we can be prepared when we get in contact with you.

Popular topic requests:

  • Study Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • Information Technology
  • Specialist Literacy or Numeracy Intervention
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Who is it for?

Students of all ability levels from early childhood to Year 12. Struggling, cruising or gifted students will all stride ahead with personalised tutoring.

Key benefits

  • Highly engaging and nurturing teaching approaches that build confidence, motivation and accelerate progress
  • Strategic preparation for specific attainment goals
  • Satisfying – especially for those students who just want to be extended.
  • Builds confidence and motivation for students who are struggling, reluctant or those just ‘cruising’ along.
  • Continuous feedback and tracking of progress. Includes a concise report after each session on your child’s progress.
  • Reduces anxiety because students can learn from the comfort of home.

Key Features

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