Our Vision and Philosophy

Expert Teaching = Highly Effective Learning

First and foremost teaching is a specialised profession – where knowledge of the subject is combined with a deep understanding about how learning occurs. That’s why we only provide qualified teachers!


We provide interactive, online learning in real time that:

This means that it is learning that engages learners because it piques their curiosity, and is designed around an individual’s current knowledge and skills, interests and aspirations.

The learning we provide bolsters self-belief, self-confidence and resilience.

Our approach to learning is based on sound educational and psychological research, including:

Lev Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development.

This goes to the heart of personalised learning as it focuses on a teacher ascertaining what a learner can currently do, and what is required to cross the threshold to new learning.

Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.

This ensures depth and rigour to the learning. As well as building knowledge and understanding, we design deeper learning experiences requiring learners to apply their learning to new contexts; to reflect on and skilfully analyse and evaluate key aspects of what they are learning; and to use what they learn to create and synthesise entirely new learning.

Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset.

This incorporates a fundamental belief (by both the student and the teacher!) in the capacity for ongoing improvement. Nurturing this fundamental theory of mind (belief) within students is a key focus of our teachers. In turn, we believe this increases motivation, self-confidence and resilience.

Martin Seligman’s research on human flourishing:

PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment)


We believe the quality of the service we provide depends on our Personal Teachers and so we are meticulous in our recruitment. We value our Personal Teachers and remunerate them appropriately.

While we have high expectations of their practice, we also trust in their professional judgement and expertise to offer deeply immersive, interactive and rich learning to our learners.

For our learners, this all creates a ‘vibe’ of energy, excitement, challenge, feedback, achievement and fun.


Our value proposition to clients is that they receive exceptional value for the investment they make in their children’s learning.

Ethical practice and values around service sit at the core of Teaching Edge.  We foster trusting relationships:

We believe every learner has unique learning needs and pledge to strive to meet them.

We provide regular feedback to clients and are responsive to their suggestions for improving our service.

We value fairness, respect, timeliness and honesty across all our work.

We acknowledge that working with each client is a privilege and we pledge to adhere to the highest standards of professional service.

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