Privacy Policy

Teaching Edge conforms to firm privacy guidelines around the collection, storage and use of clients’ and tutors’ private, personal information.

Purpose of collecting personal information

Personal information is collected so Teaching Edge can communicate with clients and tutors, and can provide clients with the quality of service they seek. By voluntarily providing us with personal information, clients and tutors are consenting to our use of it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Teaching Edge will not disclose personal information about an individual to third parties without the express permission of that individual, except:

  • when it is suspected an individual is engaged in unlawful activity
  • to comply with a legal obligation
  • if Teaching Edge is involved in a merger, acquisition or other type of transition to another provider
  • to protect the rights of Teaching Edge, including against legal liability


Teaching Edge aims to ensure all data it collects and stores is accurate and current. When an individual reveals that information held on that individual is inaccurate, Teaching Edge will take reasonable steps to correct it.

Session recordings

Tutoring sessions may be recorded for training or quality control. Videos and video images collected and stored by Teaching Edge are subject to the same strict protection under this policy as other personal information. Small group recordings are available for viewing by all group members and their parents – these are ‘permitted recipients’. Should Teaching Edge ever seek to use such images outside of this provision, permission will be sought from individuals featuring in them, or their adult guardian. While we expect tutors and permitted recipients to conform to our standards of conduct, we cannot monitor or control what they do with session recordings and disclaim all responsibility in that regard.

Tutors and students sharing personal information with each other

Tutors and students casually and routinely share personal information with each other. This can be important for them to build appropriate rapport. While we have expectations around professional standards for tutors, please note we cannot monitor or control the personal information your child shares with tutors or classmates.


Teaching Edge will take reasonable steps to disclose to an adult individual (or guardian of an under-age student) the extent of information it holds on that individual.


Teaching Edge follows accepted standards of operational security to protect personal information from loss, or unauthorised access or alteration. While we expect tutors and other third parties to conform to our standards of conduct, we cannot monitor or control what they do with personal information legitimately provided to them, and disclaim all responsibility in that regard.

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