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Expert reading instruction in their first few years of school can change the course of a child’s learning with long-lasting impact.

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How it works and what it costs

Who is it for?

  • Children from Foundation (Prep) to Year 4 who are struggling to acquire the basic skills needed to become functional readers and writers.

Key features:

  • Free Reading Assessment (no obligation) – allows you and your child to meet an expert and gain further insight into your child’s learning requirements.
  • Taught by expert qualified teachers and conveniently online.
  • A contemporary approach reflecting best practice literacy instruction that is intensive, sequential and explicit.
  • Utilises books professionally matched to each child’s reading level – and available for practise between sessions.
  • Regular and concise feedback to both the child and the parent/carer.

Key benefits:

  • Individualised instruction that responds to the specific strengths and needs of your child.
  • Accelerates progress from being struggling readers and writers to independent readers and writers.
  • Reduces anxiety for children because they can learn from the comfort of home.
  • Builds confidence and motivation for children who, as a result of struggling to read, are likely to be low in confidence and reluctant to engage in more reading.
  • Supports parents to advance their child’s reading progress in between tutoring sessions. Experts know that the very best outcomes with early reading are achieved with a combined approach between the teacher and the parent. One of the single most important things to help struggling readers is to listen to them read every day, using some easily applied strategies.
  • Continuous feedback and tracking of progress. Includes a concise report after each session on your child’s progress.

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