Reading Tuition Process

Three Simple Steps

Discovering your child's specific learning needs

This is a vital first step that will provide our specialist reading teacher with insights about how best to address your child's reading. You can also share assessments that have already been completed.

Time: - 30 minutes

Cost: free

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Here's what we discovered about your child's learning needs

We'd like 10 minutes or so to discuss with you the findings from your child's assessment. We can meet up either online, or by phone call (your choice). It's also a chance to share how we can improve your child's reading.

Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Cost - free

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Where the magic happens!

Our Specialist Reading teacher will work online, one-to-one, with your child at a time that suits best. From the comfort of home, your child will be skillfully guided to become a more skilled, confident reader. At the end of the session our teacher will spend 5 minutes with you to discuss how best to support your child's reading progress between tutoring sessions.

Time: 1 hour

Cost: from $75 per hour

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